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So, there’s this nandina bush outside next to the window where my desk is.. and the other day I saw a male cardinal showing Extreme Interest in it & at first I thought he was just pondering the last remaning berries on the bush, but then I saw he had twigs in his beak and I thought to myself, NEST! And sure enough, the female showed up soon after and in a couple of days they had a loverly nest all made up and today I spied the eggs in there by a series of climbing gymnastics! :D

Ended up having W take the picture, though, ‘cause I’m terrible at such things (and my back is still a bit wonky) so that’s where the credit for the photograph goes! ^_^

harena: (Ferret Hgugles)
In light of all the strife, sorrow, & loss in the world today, i offer a flower to cheer you all up.

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