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So, it's Independence Day in the USA. And what am i supposed to be celebrating? My freedom? Ohsure, we aren't under some European regime anymore but us reg'lar folks are most certainly being oppressed by a regime known as our own Government. And Ohsure, i know we are more free than most countries out there, but it feels a bit hypocritical of us to call ourselves a Free Country when if you aren't a White, Rich, Straight, Male, you immediately come under scrutiny for <fillintheblank>. We have Homeland Security (which to this day reeks of Nazism to me), The TSA, and much much more. And i'm supposted to be celebrating this? No thanks.

Oh, but who needs all that freedom anyway?

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Went to unmold the soap i made the other day and it totally stuck to the mold and got torn up pretty horribly. Might be able to salvage a couple of bars from a 2lb batch, but most of it is stuff i'd not show outside my own personal soap dish.

Don't even know what caused it either... possibly the oils were a bit on the warm side 'cuase the lye cooled faster than i expected or it was the Way High humidity down in the basement, or it was it 'cause the mold i used (some kind of white nylon plastic? dunno what it is, actually) is really tetchy abuot soap sticking to it and i'm mostly used to my goats milk/lavender EO recipe? Who knows.

Anyway, feeling Discouraged 'cause i wanted to get this batch to people in a Timely Manner and now that's not going to happen. :/
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Finally pushed myself into making soap today. Aside from the funk my brain has been in lately1, the never-ending thunderstorm we had the 27th of May really made a mess of the basement and i had to do at least two rounds of getting it ready for actually making soap.

This batch was a specially requested scent-free one by a couple of people (sort of >.>). Forgot to ask about the goats milk but figured what the heck, it's got a "scent" so i left it out too.

And since i was making it for just 2 people, i made a smaller batch than usual. Man, it's been a long long time since i've made only 2lbs of soap! i've more recently made vegan soap, even. i had forgotten how much more quickly only 12 oz of lye water cools down as opposed to 24oz! Ah, chemistry.

Anyway, it's done and tucked in the cooler for 2 days before the unmolding and i hope it comes out all right. As i said, it's been a while! *crosses fingers*

1: Head's been really wonky; possibly by stupid hormones. Who even knows. And today is particularly bad because this evening is Benjamin's Transition from 5th Grade and whilst i am very excited about that (Yay, Benjamin for surviving elementary school! You Rock!), my mother out of the freaking blue decided that she was my children's grandmother and is going to attend. Oh Goody, something that is socially strenuous for me anyway is going to be made worse by my mother being an asshole in public like she always does. Arg.

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