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Went to unmold the soap i made the other day and it totally stuck to the mold and got torn up pretty horribly. Might be able to salvage a couple of bars from a 2lb batch, but most of it is stuff i'd not show outside my own personal soap dish.

Don't even know what caused it either... possibly the oils were a bit on the warm side 'cuase the lye cooled faster than i expected or it was the Way High humidity down in the basement, or it was it 'cause the mold i used (some kind of white nylon plastic? dunno what it is, actually) is really tetchy abuot soap sticking to it and i'm mostly used to my goats milk/lavender EO recipe? Who knows.

Anyway, feeling Discouraged 'cause i wanted to get this batch to people in a Timely Manner and now that's not going to happen. :/
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