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i don't usually post wishlists for Xmas and whatever 'cause it makes me feel greedy and grasping (and i totally have this Thing about asking for favors/things >.>) but this year has been so crappy and i have lost so many buttons that i thought i'd post a list of what i've managed to lose so far.

Available at NancyButtons.com are the following:


I knit so that I don't kill people (this one would actually be a back-up 'cause i've nearly lost it 3 times but W found it in the Benz every time. So Far.)

My two favorite colors are "Ooooh" and "SHINY!" (actually recently found this one in the driveway under some leaves but it was totally ruined D:)

Whilst searching for the above, i ran across this one and thought, yes, this is totally me ;D

Don't worry--be silly!

Leave Me Alone, I'm Having A Crisis! (This one is actually a custom dealie so probly could also be made via Zazzle or if y'know, any of you on my friends list what has a button maker Sor&Mum could whip one up for me >.>)

Another Custom One for someone to make for me would be: "It's a Bag not a Purse. :|" oslt

Aaand last but certainly not the least, one of my saddest losses is my Sluggy Freelance Kiki "Stay Good!" button which i have been unable to replace because when their store came back up they weren't carrying buttons anymore that i could find. i did email them about it once but never got a response & i suppose i should again but ye gods motivation, stuff.. things.. ;P

Anyway, i've probly posted this too late for anyone to really do anything about it but at least i have a list now that one can refer to (and i can link back to >.>) if needed...

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