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And now, the Long Awaited Debut of Woozalia's Don't Call the Doctor Music Video! :D

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Special preview of the trailer of the outtakes of the upcoming music video of Monty Python and the Holy Grail Woozle and Harena in Woozalia’s “Don’t Call the Doctor”

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It's DarlySor's birthday todaaaaaaaaaay!

HappyHippoHippityBippityBirdday!!! With extra Bangs!!!! And ice cream! And Dancing! And Cheese! Have so much fun that there's enough leftover for me to feel all the way down here! i love you dearly! *hugglebugglewuggles!*
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Today i made soap with the new set-up in the laundry room... and of course i had to make a documentary of it!

Click image for a wee ferret's photo-essay:
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So, there’s this nandina bush outside next to the window where my desk is.. and the other day I saw a male cardinal showing Extreme Interest in it & at first I thought he was just pondering the last remaning berries on the bush, but then I saw he had twigs in his beak and I thought to myself, NEST! And sure enough, the female showed up soon after and in a couple of days they had a loverly nest all made up and today I spied the eggs in there by a series of climbing gymnastics! :D

Ended up having W take the picture, though, ‘cause I’m terrible at such things (and my back is still a bit wonky) so that’s where the credit for the photograph goes! ^_^

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You say it's your birthday
Well, it's my birthday too, yeah
You say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy Birthday to you!

Which is to say, Happy Hippo Birdie to you, O Woozle, the best friend a girl could ever have! Thank you for putting up with me, my children, my messes, i love you intensely ♥
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In a random spurt of memory, i recalled this comment on [profile] kdsorceress's elljay... at the time, i thought i was over-estimating my numbers, but just now, i went and counted how many tshirts i actually own. Aaaand give or take a shirt here & there (from being in the laundry or crumpled in a heap under the bed or whatever), i own ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN TSHIRTS1 And of that number, i easily would say i regularly wear at least 80-90 of them. Probly more.

*falls over*

1: This does not count long-sleeved tshirts of which i own another 14 >.>
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Best. Christmas. Decoration. Ever.

. o O (The green plushies were a pre-existing condition, 2/3's of which were brought to me by Rtizy ^_^)(Quiz Time! Which Two????)
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So, the day was weary but i got all my present wrapping done and am pretty much ready for the day.. i even got the way late packages i wanted to send to people into the mailbox before the mailperson came by...

...and when i went to collect said mail having seen the packages safely off, what should i find but this loverly card waiting for me from [personal profile] futuresoon!

On the outside!

Edward Gorey! However did she know??? ♥♥♥

And on the inside after a loverly wee note, i really fell into a heap of ferret glee for i found this:

. o O (and she said she was having creative burn-out, hah!)

Thankee againgain, Talia, it made my day :D
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But it might as well be, ' cause this morning what should i find on my doorstep1 but a big flat package! And what was in there? Why this! Along with a Michael's card to get it framed!! :D

And then W checked the mailbox and there was another box which contained some of the Strawberry Kiwi tea that i loved by celestial seasons but can't buy around here any more and Mooooar Chocklit Covered Gummy Bears (as described here! :D :D

Thank you sooo much Foolie & Mandy! ♥

1: About which, i have to say, i'm pretty irritated at our mailperson, 'cause the mail came late2 and they did not ring the bell to let us know it was there, so it sat there all night and got rained on; but it was okay in spite ofthis, yayay

2: After 5pm, i think; it was post-mediation and picking up kids from grandparents', so i know it was pretty late; i was mush-brained, but not so mush-brained that i would have missed a package sitting by the door :P
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Since i so cleverly fried Zoot, my Sansa Fuze, [personal profile] frozentrout sent me one via Woot! i now have a Zoot2! Thankee so much Trouty! ♥

And then the following conversation ensued in chat which had me on the floor twitching with ferret giggles ;D

FrozenTrout: oh, and I guess I never actually said it, so happy (early) birthday! :D
Harena: hehehee, thankee, Trouty!
* Harena also got a cool map from Rackle, Thorgo's friend!
FrozenTrout: oooo
* Harena posted about the map, but you're next!
Harena: yar, she did it on aged paper and it has burn marks on it and everything
Harena: and she drew it out of her head! it's totally made up!
Harena: so W remarked that we oughter write a fiction based on it ;D
FrozenTrout: Harena Bay :D
Harena: hehehee
TheWoozle: HarenaBay... is that like a web site where pirates auction off all the shiny things they've plundered and hidden under the couch?
FrozenTrout: yes!
* Harena falls over into a heap of ferret giggles
TheWoozle: And you can also download torrents of giggles.
TheWoozle: {{+++---HarenaBay---+++}} The Poings - Complete Discography - 17 CDs (MFSL).ferret
FrozenTrout: XD
Harena: ehehehe
Harena: those are Creative Common giggles too, i'll have you know
Harena: freely share them everywhere! i insist!
TheWoozle: It takes a long time to download, though, because of all the gigglebytes.
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[personal profile] lyrwen sent me a map! it is not shiny??? Click on the image for the super-duper-sized version for a close up view! :D

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