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As some of you may already know, i have an Etsy site where i wanted to try and sell some of my stuff (soap, lipbalm & yarn items) that i've never quite finished because of Overwhelm and the feeling that there are elements missing from it. So, i ask you, my friends, please go to Harena's Homemade Soap and tell me what you think. If you were going to order something from that site, what would it need to corner your sale? What's Missing? (besides actual items for sale, i am aware of that one :P) What needs removing?

Be honest, i need to get my butt in gear. (Excepting the banner, that's the only thing i won't compromise on)
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There isn't all that much overlap between this the Dreamwidth/Live Journal Universe and my Durham String Thing/Ravelry Universe so feel obliged to let all you people who read my thing here know what a wonderful thing one of my String-Thingers made for me:

A Cheer Harena Up Gifty, In Fact: )

When she gave them to me at our meet up on Sunday, i nearly cried, it was such a sweet thing to do! i am totally in love with them and have worn them every day since! i can even knit & crochet wearing them! :D

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