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Here i go again having a dream about having extra cats besides Pip & Kestra! One was B&W (like Pip) and normal sized (unlike Pip), and the other was gray with a tiny bit of white. There was this woman visiting who was ostensibly an expert in the field of cat adoption/rescue (from a shelter oslt?) but she kept leaving the front door wide open and at one point i had to grab Kestra & then Pip by the tail to keep them from running out the door (which they weren't happy about At All) whilst i squeaked at W to close the door again...

We were living back in Reno again and i was with Charles (apparently W only got that brief cameo at the beginning). i had just been hired by McD's and i was fretting about coming in for my first day because i wasn't sure how to get there from the apartment, it had been so long since i had been there (to the McD's from the apartment). And it kept getting later and later & i was fretting at Charles whether i should just call them and say i couldn't start yet because of my back which wasn't 100% yet. Frequently during this i would find myself back in bed snuggling with Charles and i'd make us get up 'cause it was late and he needed to get going too.

And then Fred was there too and we were riding down this slope inside the apartment on a kiddie riding toy to watch this youtube video she had found that was about cats and was hilarious and this reminded me about that woman (from the shelter oslt) who was finally leaving but the door was hanging open again!! But fortunately i spied first Kestra and then the "blobby Pip" as i referred to him in the dream and then the gray cat but not the B&W one. :/ But at least that woman was now gone and i could keep the front door freaking shut!

There was more fretting about the job and a bit about this plastic tray that was apparently interactive with the phone call (to McD's) and one of the punch out answers on it (like those that are on the top of the drink lids) was something like "No, that will not do, you are fired" and i was trying to sort out if it was serious or if it was a joke. It felt a bit "HaHa, that was a joke, Fat Chance" to me, but i couldn't tell.

And that's about all i can remember.

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