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We just got word: Josh was accepted into a RHA Howell home in Oxford! We go to sign papers tomorrow morning and they will be moving him on Friday!!

. o O (it may not be the Perfect Place for him long term, but it's a start and these people have extensive resources and several other facilities so if this one doesn't seem to be working out for him, they will almost certainly find another one that will!)(and oh, shucks, darn, he'll be moving into another LME which means we'll be losing his all but useless case manager of the past few years)

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So the other day as W&I were coming in the door from i don't remember what anymore, Mr. UPS Man walks up to me hands me a box! And i'm all, "huh. i am not expecting anything from UPS" and but who am i to turn down a box? And a box with the return address of ThinkGeek.com, no less!

i take it into the office and set it down on the CoA and tore at the tape in frantic curiositycarefully cut it open and this is what was inside!

    First, Books!
  • Geek Guide to World Domination (Oh, W's gonna have fun with that one!)

  • Mind Hacks (i'll love it if this would really help us hack into our brains and make 'em work betterer ;D)

  • Forbidden Knowledge (Doesn't that sound positively scandalous?? :D)

  • A Girls Guide To Dating a Geek (It's a toss-up which of us would use this one more ;D)

  • Limited Edition Pac-Man Moleskine Notebook (i sense another tug-o-war >.>)

    Second, Shinys!
  • Huey the Chameleon Color Sensing Lamp (Oh, Jinkies, i've already had a ridiculous amount of fun with this one.. .and astonishingly, the main color he has become is green! Who even knew???)

  • Evolv'ems Dimetrodon/Cynognathus (man, just can't say that one right even though the pronunciation is on its wee tag ;D) plushie! (it's Green! it's Yellow! When it's green, it's a matched set with ol' Huey! ;D)(and yes, i totally have it so that it has an extra set of legs sticking out of its tum right now >.>)

  • Glow in the Dark Mars Mud (Words totally Fail Me. So Much Shiny *dies again of ferret shock*)(Also, amusing note on this one: Ages 5 & up, woo, i'm old enough for this toy! :D)

  • On the invoice but not in the box (and quite appropriately too, if you ask me) is the item "Schrodinger's cat included/not included"

THANK YOU SO MUCH RTIZY :'D :'D *hguglebugglewuggles*

Also thrown in the box was a wee box of Chocolate Rocks-Highly Caffeinated Chocolates... Don't know if i quite dare eat any of those.. W suggests i use them medicinally when i get one of my headaches ;D
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There isn't all that much overlap between this the Dreamwidth/Live Journal Universe and my Durham String Thing/Ravelry Universe so feel obliged to let all you people who read my thing here know what a wonderful thing one of my String-Thingers made for me:

A Cheer Harena Up Gifty, In Fact: )

When she gave them to me at our meet up on Sunday, i nearly cried, it was such a sweet thing to do! i am totally in love with them and have worn them every day since! i can even knit & crochet wearing them! :D

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