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i posted this over yonder on Ravelry so thought i'd post it here too.

I’m pretty terrible at pushing such things but I wanted to mention that April is Autism Awareness Month. There are many ways to promote/support awareness, one of which is going to the ASNC Bookstore which currently has a 10% off sale going for the entire month of April.

As many of you know, I’ve been through a lot the past 5 years or so trying to get services for both Josh and Benjamin, so you know that it’s a thing I live with every day. I appreciate any help you all can give to help spread the word, awareness, and empathy for this condition.

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Here i go again having a dream about having extra cats besides Pip & Kestra! One was B&W (like Pip) and normal sized (unlike Pip), and the other was gray with a tiny bit of white. There was this woman visiting who was ostensibly an expert in the field of cat adoption/rescue (from a shelter oslt?) but she kept leaving the front door wide open and at one point i had to grab Kestra & then Pip by the tail to keep them from running out the door (which they weren't happy about At All) whilst i squeaked at W to close the door again...

We were living back in Reno again and i was with Charles (apparently W only got that brief cameo at the beginning). i had just been hired by McD's and i was fretting about coming in for my first day because i wasn't sure how to get there from the apartment, it had been so long since i had been there (to the McD's from the apartment). And it kept getting later and later & i was fretting at Charles whether i should just call them and say i couldn't start yet because of my back which wasn't 100% yet. Frequently during this i would find myself back in bed snuggling with Charles and i'd make us get up 'cause it was late and he needed to get going too.

And then Fred was there too and we were riding down this slope inside the apartment on a kiddie riding toy to watch this youtube video she had found that was about cats and was hilarious and this reminded me about that woman (from the shelter oslt) who was finally leaving but the door was hanging open again!! But fortunately i spied first Kestra and then the "blobby Pip" as i referred to him in the dream and then the gray cat but not the B&W one. :/ But at least that woman was now gone and i could keep the front door freaking shut!

There was more fretting about the job and a bit about this plastic tray that was apparently interactive with the phone call (to McD's) and one of the punch out answers on it (like those that are on the top of the drink lids) was something like "No, that will not do, you are fired" and i was trying to sort out if it was serious or if it was a joke. It felt a bit "HaHa, that was a joke, Fat Chance" to me, but i couldn't tell.

And that's about all i can remember.
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Woohoo, it's been forever since a good mindless (mindless good?) meme came my way!

What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Neutral. Not Northern, Southern, or Western, just American. Your national American identity is more important to you than your local identity, because you don't really have a local identity to begin with.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

Yay for University Bubbles! ;D
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We just got word: Josh was accepted into a RHA Howell home in Oxford! We go to sign papers tomorrow morning and they will be moving him on Friday!!

. o O (it may not be the Perfect Place for him long term, but it's a start and these people have extensive resources and several other facilities so if this one doesn't seem to be working out for him, they will almost certainly find another one that will!)(and oh, shucks, darn, he'll be moving into another LME which means we'll be losing his all but useless case manager of the past few years)

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In a random spurt of memory, i recalled this comment on [profile] kdsorceress's elljay... at the time, i thought i was over-estimating my numbers, but just now, i went and counted how many tshirts i actually own. Aaaand give or take a shirt here & there (from being in the laundry or crumpled in a heap under the bed or whatever), i own ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN TSHIRTS1 And of that number, i easily would say i regularly wear at least 80-90 of them. Probly more.

*falls over*

1: This does not count long-sleeved tshirts of which i own another 14 >.>
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There. Totally got that jinx out of the way in my subject! i keep trying to avoid saying things like, "I hope 2011 goes better than 2010 did. It couldn't possibly be worse" to avoid the Universe feeling obliged to show me just how worse it could be.

And along those lines, i'd like to post here what the leader of my String Thing group started over on Ravelry: An Anti-Resolution List. Basically, instead of making a bunch of resolutions that most likely won't get kept, she made a list of things she already does well and is proud of and to quit fussing. i also agree with notion of being aware that of course there always is room for improvement but the days are already filled with lists of things that ought to be done and how about starting the year differently. i am all for that.

Here's what i stuck onto that thread:

1. I complete crocheted/knitted Xmas gifts for teachers and family on time every year.

2. I make my own lip balm and soap (which also go in the giftys in #1) and haven't bought any commercially for almost 2 decades.

3. I use open source software (and support Creative Commons) whenever possible and am Mostly successful at this.

Hippo Gnu Deer, Everybody!
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Best. Christmas. Decoration. Ever.

. o O (The green plushies were a pre-existing condition, 2/3's of which were brought to me by Rtizy ^_^)(Quiz Time! Which Two????)
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So, the day was weary but i got all my present wrapping done and am pretty much ready for the day.. i even got the way late packages i wanted to send to people into the mailbox before the mailperson came by...

...and when i went to collect said mail having seen the packages safely off, what should i find but this loverly card waiting for me from [personal profile] futuresoon!

On the outside!

Edward Gorey! However did she know??? ♥♥♥

And on the inside after a loverly wee note, i really fell into a heap of ferret glee for i found this:

. o O (and she said she was having creative burn-out, hah!)

Thankee againgain, Talia, it made my day :D
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And so, B&Z are merrily decorating the tree and singing....

They Might Be Giants! Thermostat to be precise at this moment.

i love my kids ;D
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i don't usually post wishlists for Xmas and whatever 'cause it makes me feel greedy and grasping (and i totally have this Thing about asking for favors/things >.>) but this year has been so crappy and i have lost so many buttons that i thought i'd post a list of what i've managed to lose so far.

Available at NancyButtons.com are the following:


I knit so that I don't kill people (this one would actually be a back-up 'cause i've nearly lost it 3 times but W found it in the Benz every time. So Far.)

My two favorite colors are "Ooooh" and "SHINY!" (actually recently found this one in the driveway under some leaves but it was totally ruined D:)

Whilst searching for the above, i ran across this one and thought, yes, this is totally me ;D

Don't worry--be silly!

Leave Me Alone, I'm Having A Crisis! (This one is actually a custom dealie so probly could also be made via Zazzle or if y'know, any of you on my friends list what has a button maker Sor&Mum could whip one up for me >.>)

Another Custom One for someone to make for me would be: "It's a Bag not a Purse. :|" oslt

Aaand last but certainly not the least, one of my saddest losses is my Sluggy Freelance Kiki "Stay Good!" button which i have been unable to replace because when their store came back up they weren't carrying buttons anymore that i could find. i did email them about it once but never got a response & i suppose i should again but ye gods motivation, stuff.. things.. ;P

Anyway, i've probly posted this too late for anyone to really do anything about it but at least i have a list now that one can refer to (and i can link back to >.>) if needed...
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So the other day as W&I were coming in the door from i don't remember what anymore, Mr. UPS Man walks up to me hands me a box! And i'm all, "huh. i am not expecting anything from UPS" and but who am i to turn down a box? And a box with the return address of ThinkGeek.com, no less!

i take it into the office and set it down on the CoA and tore at the tape in frantic curiositycarefully cut it open and this is what was inside!

    First, Books!
  • Geek Guide to World Domination (Oh, W's gonna have fun with that one!)

  • Mind Hacks (i'll love it if this would really help us hack into our brains and make 'em work betterer ;D)

  • Forbidden Knowledge (Doesn't that sound positively scandalous?? :D)

  • A Girls Guide To Dating a Geek (It's a toss-up which of us would use this one more ;D)

  • Limited Edition Pac-Man Moleskine Notebook (i sense another tug-o-war >.>)

    Second, Shinys!
  • Huey the Chameleon Color Sensing Lamp (Oh, Jinkies, i've already had a ridiculous amount of fun with this one.. .and astonishingly, the main color he has become is green! Who even knew???)

  • Evolv'ems Dimetrodon/Cynognathus (man, just can't say that one right even though the pronunciation is on its wee tag ;D) plushie! (it's Green! it's Yellow! When it's green, it's a matched set with ol' Huey! ;D)(and yes, i totally have it so that it has an extra set of legs sticking out of its tum right now >.>)

  • Glow in the Dark Mars Mud (Words totally Fail Me. So Much Shiny *dies again of ferret shock*)(Also, amusing note on this one: Ages 5 & up, woo, i'm old enough for this toy! :D)

  • On the invoice but not in the box (and quite appropriately too, if you ask me) is the item "Schrodinger's cat included/not included"

THANK YOU SO MUCH RTIZY :'D :'D *hguglebugglewuggles*

Also thrown in the box was a wee box of Chocolate Rocks-Highly Caffeinated Chocolates... Don't know if i quite dare eat any of those.. W suggests i use them medicinally when i get one of my headaches ;D
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There isn't all that much overlap between this the Dreamwidth/Live Journal Universe and my Durham String Thing/Ravelry Universe so feel obliged to let all you people who read my thing here know what a wonderful thing one of my String-Thingers made for me:

A Cheer Harena Up Gifty, In Fact: )

When she gave them to me at our meet up on Sunday, i nearly cried, it was such a sweet thing to do! i am totally in love with them and have worn them every day since! i can even knit & crochet wearing them! :D
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Poll #5073 i think it's a great idea, but what do you people think?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

i got a fabulous bruise on my rumpus from my fall the other day! Should i post a picture of it?

View Answers

Oh, ewwww, noooo!
0 (0.0%)

Yes, but keep it to your TMI filter, pleaassse :P
0 (0.0%)

Yes, post it to your TMI filter and add me to it! (I'll post in the comments who I am)
2 (33.3%)

Yes, show it to the World; there's no such thing as TMI!
3 (50.0%)

Wait, what? You fell?
1 (16.7%)

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Went out to lunch to our favoritest China Buffet and i nearly died laughing when i got the following fortune at the end of the meal:

Out of my mind... Back in five minutes.
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So, W&I did our Duty today in the most UnAmerican way possible and not only walked, but walked through the woods (with W whacking madly at the wisteria in our backyard just to access the trail there) to our polling place and casted our votes. Unfortunately, there is very little chance of ousting the fellow in there who is evilevilevilnot a very caring person for those of us who are not Rich, White, and Male. We also voted for a local Supreme Court Judge with the unfortunate last name of Bushfan... and there was a fellow running for an additional judge slot by the name of Hardin. Afterwards i made the joke to W that i was a Hardin-Bushfan (say it outloud ;D).
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i've been talked into trying my hand at NaNo this year. i have successfully written 1795 words of PURE GIBBERISH so far. Should be interesting to see how much i can maintain it. It's f!Harena's diary and written entirely in narrative. Just shoot me now ;D
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Yay! Halloween Pictures! Including Z as Riff and B as Generic Hero Level 42 :D
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What did i do for Halloween? The obvious thing, of course: Made a giant shiny H in Hell! ^_^

Click on thumbnail for more and bigger images! :D
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But it might as well be, ' cause this morning what should i find on my doorstep1 but a big flat package! And what was in there? Why this! Along with a Michael's card to get it framed!! :D

And then W checked the mailbox and there was another box which contained some of the Strawberry Kiwi tea that i loved by celestial seasons but can't buy around here any more and Mooooar Chocklit Covered Gummy Bears (as described here! :D :D

Thank you sooo much Foolie & Mandy! ♥

1: About which, i have to say, i'm pretty irritated at our mailperson, 'cause the mail came late2 and they did not ring the bell to let us know it was there, so it sat there all night and got rained on; but it was okay in spite ofthis, yayay

2: After 5pm, i think; it was post-mediation and picking up kids from grandparents', so i know it was pretty late; i was mush-brained, but not so mush-brained that i would have missed a package sitting by the door :P

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