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So! Maker Faire! Packed up kids and W and drove to Raleigh State Fairgrounds. Had no clue where to turn in, turned in Mostly randomly. Drove around looking lost. Stumbled on a loverly parking spot even with a bit a shade right at Gate 1. Walked in looking lost. Wandered around the i guess flea market booths. Finally stumbled on building with big Maker Faire banner hanging on it. Walked in looking a bit lost. Found ticket line. Got tickets. Got in wrong line. Honed in on this before making total asses of ourselves and got in right line. Got hand stamped. Z: I have a blue hand! You have a blue hand, we all have blue hands!" over and over. B: It's loud in here." 2 minutes later, "It's loud in here".

Wander around looking lost. B finds Combat Robots playing hockey. Becomes latched. More wandering around admiring various booths. Find Durham String Thing booth & introduce W to people he hadn't met before. Hung around looking lost. Did more wandering.

Saw a 3D turtle being printed. Found Green Yarn. Found a booth that said "Write on card what the word "green" makes you think of." Wrote "yarn". Found a booth where a guy was working on making a keyboard with attached software so it could be both portable and affordable. Was so taken by W's playing (he played a bit of Tightrope by ELO, i believe) that he asked him to start again so's he could film him.

Found Fedora booth. Told them we were Ubuntu people. B&Z found a booth where they played a video game on a "console" smaller than a pack of cigarettes. B watched more Combat Robots. Z made rope. Me, B&W lost Z. Split up to find Z. i find Z but then we couldn't find W&B to save our life. Tried to call but phone wasn't working. Not panicking at all, we look outside but too many people out there to parse anything. Went back inside. Shortly afterwards, tackled by B and dragged back outside. They were watching some big ol' balloon being launched. Camera battery died so no video of the actual launch.

Wander back out of the fairgrounds to our car looking a little less lost but considerably more tired.

More or less a good time was had by all, butyar, very exhausting.

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